Italian Catholic Federation
Rev. John Powers, founding pastor, 1925
Monsignor H. Gerald McS
St. Bernard Italian Catholic Federation Branch No. 56

At a glance:

Founded: 1936
Established: Sept. 6, 1937
President: Vacant

About the Italian Catholic Federation:

The Italian Catholic Federation is a fraternal, Catholic, family organization working with the parish to achieve the goals of charitable works and support of seminarians. In the spirit of inviting all parish families and members, we strive to bring the community together in a different way, not just going to church on Sunday.

Our co-founders, Father Albert R. Bandini and Luigi Provedenza, realized the struggle of immigrants around the turn of the century.

Provedenza, a businessman, found them living in ghettos, poor, depressed, and not educating their children. Father Bandini notices many of them not going to church, not receiving the sacraments, and not living Christian lives.

These two men joined forces and developed and an organization that brought the community together in a different way through faith, heritage, becoming an American, and helping each other. This spirit continues on today, as we continue the work of our patron saint, Mother Francis Cabrini.

For more information, or to join, call St. Bernard Italian Catholic Federation Branch No. 56 at (323) 255-6142.

Italian Catholic Federation official Web site.