St. Bernard
Youth Ministry and
Religious Education
Rev. John Powers, founding pastor, 1925
Monsignor H. Gerald McS
St. Bernard Youth Ministry
and Religious Education

At a glance:

Director of Religious Education: Remy V. Baluyut
Programs offered: First communion preparation, confirmation preparation

About St. Bernard Youth Ministry and Religious Education:

Youth ministry and religious education is an age-specific religious ministry and is the way in which a faith group, or other religious organization involves and engages with the young people who attend its place of worship, or live in its community.

At St. Bernard, the youth ministry and religious education programs are responsible for preparing our parish youth for the sacraments of first communion (cathecism) and confirmation.

Older adults (18 and over) interested in receiving the sacraments are encouraged to participate in our Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults program. For more information, visit our RCIA page under SACRAMENTS.

For more information on the St. Bernard youth ministry program, call Director of Religious Education Remy V. Baluyut at (323) 6242 or (323) 478-0001.