Rev. Morris Hurnett, founding pastor, 1924
Monsignor H. Gerald

Baptisms are offered Saturdays and Sundays. Call the church office at (323) 255-6142 or e-mail stbernardla [at]

Baptismal classes

Classes for parents and godparents are normally held in the Pastoral Center, and Spanish classes are in the parish hall. Classes start at 7:15 p.m.

Parents and godparents should arrive at least 15 minutes beforehand to register. Visit the parish office for a list of scheduled classes.

Baptismal forms

A baptismal form needs to be filled out by one of the parents in the office. It may not be taken home.

A copy of the birth or hospital certificate needs to be attached to the form, and a $50 church fee given in cash (a check is OK if it is given six or seven weeks prior to the date of baptism. Please write a notation on the bottom of the check with “Baptism of [child's name] and [date of baptism].) A notation of the fee having been paid will be made on the registration form and on the envelope that we have for baptismal donations.

All the information needs to be filled out and be legible. If the father's name is not on the birth/hospital certificate it is not written on the baptismal certificate. If the mother presents a birth certificate with the father’s name on it, we will add his name to our baptismal register and issue a new certificate.

Religious education

If the child is going to be 6 years old before the date of baptism, the child will have to attend at least one year of religious education, before we can baptize him/her.


Only one godparent need be Catholic Christian. If there is one Catholic godparent and one baptized non-Catholic Christian, the non-Catholic may be put down as a “Christian Witness” but not as a godparent.

We don't accept as a godparent or Christian witness someone who used to be a Catholic but has now joined another church.

We do not accept as godparent a person or a couple who are living together without being married, as this lifestyle is contrary to Catholic moral values. We do accept people as godparents who are married only civilly, but they need to be attending Sunday Mass regularly.

Religious requirements

Parents need to be attending Sunday Mass (at least the Catholic parent where one is not Catholic) and intend to raise the child in the Catholic faith (i.e. they will be bringing the child to Sunday Mass and to religious education classes for first communion.) We are not allowed to baptize a child who is not going to be raised in the Catholic faith.

Grandparents may not fill out a baptismal form or arrange for the baptism, unless there is some special circumstance (for exmaple, if they are the legal guardians of the child).